Hey Guys! I am Anandita Dalal.I a student of "Manava Bhrati India International School". I am in IX standard. I am usually called Annie by my friends. People say that I am a person with a pleasing nature who treats every one equally, weather he/she is my friend or an unknown person.

I love playing Lawn Tennis (at least 3 times a week)
I even play Squash (that too 3 times a week)
In spite of all this I am a good dancer , mainly 'Jazz' . I am a 'Guitarist' and I too like skating and swimming.
But the best of all is reading and every now and then I am found reading various books.

My Nature
I'm sociable, I like to interact with different people, I am an approachable person, I'm reliable and hard working.Last but not the least I can handle laborious tasks with ease and pursue anyone to the best of my ability.

The Aim And Motto Of My Life
My aim is to become a Doctor in my life. Small drops of water make an ocean so never get disappointed and try working hard.
to make your first step to success.

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