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hey anandita…..what is your progress…!!!

Re: Logo of C.W.G. by gupta-aanuj(ix-c)gupta-aanuj(ix-c), 04 Oct 2010 15:44

Hi Anuj!!!!!!!!
Anandita here, my plans are witenising some Squash matches , going out of station and obyously hanging out with friends…………Yea it's interesting , what about your plans.


Re: COMMON WEALTH GAMES by anandita dalalanandita dalal, 27 Sep 2010 15:15

Hi…..guys just 24 days 00 Hrs 29 Mins and 20 seconds are left for Common wealth Games… what are your plans for it….!!!

I want to see your plans….quite interestingly..!!

COMMON WEALTH GAMES by gupta-aanuj(ix-c)gupta-aanuj(ix-c), 09 Sep 2010 13:02
anandita dalalanandita dalal 06 Sep 2010 16:47
in discussion CWG_Delhi_2010 / CWG Logo » Logo of C.W.G.

Hiiiii Anuj thanx I'll Do That.


by anandita dalalanandita dalal, 06 Sep 2010 16:47
gupta-aanuj(ix-c)gupta-aanuj(ix-c) 01 Sep 2010 16:58
in discussion CWG_Delhi_2010 / CWG Logo » Logo of C.W.G.

Anandita I think you should change the theme of our site
and should take suitable theme for your site….as if it
is on C.W.G then you should take some sporty theme….!!!

by gupta-aanuj(ix-c)gupta-aanuj(ix-c), 01 Sep 2010 16:58

Anandita i think you should also see our site which is "" as
I think our both sites could have a nice interaction on each others project. I would also like you and your team mates to become members of our site also…..!!!

Anuj Gupta….

ABOUT MY SITE by gupta-aanuj(ix-c)gupta-aanuj(ix-c), 30 Jul 2010 14:33

Hi!!! all thanks and same here I myself is too much facinated by the work done by me as well as my team mates. Hats off to all of us.

Anandita Dalal

Re: Logo of C.W.G. by anandita dalalanandita dalal, 28 Jul 2010 10:29

Thank You Yash and hii to you too.

Re: Logo of C.W.G. by Anusha ThakurAnusha Thakur, 26 Jul 2010 13:10
gupta-aanuj(ix-c)gupta-aanuj(ix-c) 25 Jul 2010 06:02
in discussion CWG_Delhi_2010 / CWG Logo » Logo of C.W.G.

hii…….anusha!!! You all guys are going really well in your project….!!!!

by gupta-aanuj(ix-c)gupta-aanuj(ix-c), 25 Jul 2010 06:02

Yeah! Shera, mascot of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi, is the most visible face of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. His name comes from the Hindi word Sher – meaning tiger. Shera truly represents the modern Indian. He is an achiever with a positive attitude, a global citizen but justifiably proud of his nation’s ancient heritage, a fierce competitor but with integrity and honesty. Shera is also a ‘large-hearted gentleman’ who loves making friends and enthusing people to ‘come out and play’.

Re: Logo of C.W.G. by Anusha ThakurAnusha Thakur, 22 Jul 2010 16:18

Nicely said, Anusha! Well done!
Even I like it a lot and yes even the mascot.2010cwg+mascot.jpeg

Re: Logo of C.W.G. by Tech SaloniTech Saloni, 17 Jul 2010 16:20

The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 logo is derived from the Chakra which symbolizes the national freedom, integrity and vigor. Escalating in a progressive mode, the logo signifies the development of India into a vivacious economy. The nation's expedition from a convention to contemporary, its fiscal growth, economic and bi-lateral ties with 71 CGA nations are some of the factors that are believed to make India as one of the best Commonwealth Games hosts.

Re: Logo of C.W.G. by Anusha ThakurAnusha Thakur, 17 Jul 2010 16:14
This is the Common wealth Games' 10 logo and its quite amazing.
Re: Logo of C.W.G. by Anusha ThakurAnusha Thakur, 17 Jul 2010 16:05

Meake the Logomore attractive
Hi!!! All it's Anandita hope you all will be knowing me.
You all must have seen the C.W.G. , it has become quite "Boring" me and the site mentors have decided that we all and you all will be telling us how we can make the logo much more interesting. The one whoose logo will be the best will be awarded with some exciting prises,hope you all will be facinted from this and participate in it.

With Best Regards
Anandita Dalal & Mentors

Logo of C.W.G. by anandita dalalanandita dalal, 16 Jul 2010 15:33

Is Delhi getting a good overlook because of C.W.G.

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