We The Exhorters

Hello and a warm welcome to all!
This is the project website of The Exhorters. All of us are student of Manava Bharati India International School. We study in IX grade and are really interested in the events of Commonwealth Games which will be held in our city, New Delhi. We will be surveying people around us on do they want Delhi to be and whether they would like to be a part of the games. As we already know, some of the events have already started and we have also seen some of the practice matches. So, here's a brief introduction about us and what we will be doing for our website.

  • Anandita Dalal

Or better call me Annie. I am the administrator of the website and will be co-ordinating with my team mates and our teacher. I'll also be working on the 'Safe Neighbourhood Campaign'. You can know more about me by clicking here.

  • Anusha Thakur

Call me Ana. I'll be taking care of our forums part and also be helping my group mates in our main project. I'll be working for the 'energy conservation project'. Wanna know more about me? Just click here.

  • Dhruv Bhasin

I'll be working out on Maths Aerobics. Know more about me by clicking here.

  • Saloni Bhatia

I'll be doing the 'energy conservation project'. To know more about me click here.

  • Gitanshu Khanna

I'll be working with Annie on the 'Safe Neighbourhood Campaign'. You can know more about me by visiting this page.

  • Devesh Kaushik

Hi! I'll be working on the 'Scratch Animation project'. Know me better by visiting my page.

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